In the Beginning…

This is quick introduction, more just a test to see how this whole blog-thing will work out. My name is AbdulRaheem (or Ron McLagan – either one will work) and this blog will run the course of this course and perhaps longer, of course. CUL-224114 Women, Girls, and the Media at SUNY Empire State College has required me to start it, and as I have tried to express in the blog title and tag line, this blog will contain reflections, critiques, expressions, thoughts, analyses, musings, and perceptions on the state of our society, the condition of our culture, and the problems of our populace from a Generation Y-er who began practicing Islam 8 years ago.

Because I live, breathe, eat, and sleep Islam, it comprises my entire being and shapes the way I view the nature of my neighbors and the status of my self. From the foundation just mentioned, this blog will contain writings related to the course topics of women, girls, and the media.