Ms. Muslima

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful…

I read something the other day that piqued my interest and I’d like to share it here on my blog. There’s a story on BBC News Magazine about a Pakistani-American superhero named Kamala Khan, the new Ms. Marvel, and the video reel accompanying the story is pretty intriguing.


A white, female, American convert to Islam, G Willow Wilson, is penning the comic book with the hopes that her two daughters and millions of other young girls will have exciting role models to look up to.


I think it’s an awesome idea and a great way to expand the audience of Marvel comics. Kamala Khan isn’t the first, though; there was a superhero named Sooraya Qadir who wore a niqab.


These are both examples of positive role models for young Muslimas in modern American popular culture, and I think it does a great service towards showing the integration and cooperation that people with differences should have towards each other. And since these are action heroes, they appeal to a broad audience. I think it’s awesome that not only are the characters Muslim, but they’re women. That makes the demographic they’re representing even smaller and more of a niche venture, but it’s just super cool to have Muslim women represented in a positive light anywhere in popular media.


To have Dust’s viewpoint (which can be extrapolated to the vast majority of Muslim women) expressed respectfully and appropriately within the pages of any media is milestone, and a marvel in and of itself. If only we could get better as a human race at applying that concept in our daily lives with every person we meet…


One thought on “Ms. Muslima

  1. I enjoyed your post so much. My family and I are big comic fans, with Marvel being our favorite publisher. I can’t wait to talk to them about the new Ms.Marvel being muslim and Pakistani. I feel that it will definitely help Marvel increase its readership among young women as well as young Muslim women. The bonus also being that it is a Muslim woman, an American at that writing the stories, I am floored! What a smart move for Marvel and what a wonderful new road to take Ms. Marvel and new young comic readers!

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